Website Design Calgary

Are you looking for a website design company in Calgary Ab, Canada? Netmatrix is focused on content managed website designs and development. With it's head office based in Calgary AB, Canada, Netmatrix has helped some of the largest local and international businesses improve their online presence. We provide: website hosting, email hosting, DNS hosting, IT support and co-location of your servers. Netmatrix Canada impliments strategies to improve your design, on-line content management, search engine positioning and website effectiveness.

We have taken a leadership role in CMS and online dynamic data applications. Netmatrix is an independent third party company offering you the best advice and services to fit your web site needs. Developers assigned to you are highly skilled in .NET 3.5, .NET 2.0, web forms, MVC, VB, C#, and classic ASP. Our skill-set also set includes +12 years of Cold Fusion development and +14 years of online application development. Creative teams assigned to you will create the picture perfect reflection of your business.

Content Management

Our Enterprise Content Management System ties together website design, web site development, CMS, blogging, forums, taxonomy, dashboards, document management and social networking. Our content management system has been launched on over 300 websites. Our .NET application development expertise is at your full disposal and ready for your web enabled project.

In designing your website, content management system or custom application we begin by understanding your needs and identifying your objectives. During this process, the scope and objectives are targeted and tailored resources are dedicated only to you.

Website Development

  • Web Matrix Pro - CMS - With a CMS site, easily manage your entire content! Create, publish and manage web copy, SEO, blogs, social media.

What is Content Mangement - Web Matrix Pro?

Server Co-location Hosting

  • Netmatrix has been creating .NET applications since
  • 2002:
  • Content Management Systems
  • Custom B 2 B data transfers
  • Ticket Tracking System
  • All using Microsofts's powerful, scalable and reliable

Website Hosting

  • Professional website hosting since 1996.
  • Website hosting, design and development
  • Email hosting
  • DNS hosting
  • Server Co-Location
  • Corporate Spam Filtering