About Netmatrix 

Netmatrix began in 1981 as a BBS (Bulletin Board System) called T-8000 Information Systems (after the Radio Shack TRS-80, the first micro computer we purchased in 1978). We had dial-up lines and a server with which our subscribers could dial-in, create an account, swap leave retrieve files, participate in discussion forums, participate in real time chats and send and receive email. T-8000 Information Systems was part of the world wide Fido BBS network. In the 1980s BBS's were the earliest days of affordable computer communications and the precursor to the Internet (Okay 1960 was, but 1980 felt early to us).

Over the next 10 years we purchased more and more dial-up lines and our single BBS server turned into several, each handling thousands of customers. T-8000 was the first dial-up service in Calgary where the public could send and receive Internet Email in 1991. Before us, the only place you could get an Internet e-mail address was through the Universities. ie the University of Calgary or Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

In 1994 we changed our name from T-8000 Information Systems to Netmatrix Corporation. We have customers that are still with us since those early days of online computing.

In the 1990s the BBS system migrated into a full-service dial-up Internet Service Provider (ISP). We provided connectivity to some of Calgary's largest companies. Additionally, we were the first company in Calgary to offer corporate Internet e-mail. In 1994 we hosted our first gTLD (Global Top Level Domain) Internet domain name (T8000.com). In that year we began hosting Domain Name System, e-Mail, File Transfer Protocal, and World Wide Web sites. Today Netmatrix is connected to the Internet with multi homed redundent Fiber Optic Connections.

Netmatrix designed web sites and saw the growing need for on-line databases. A young programmer, Jeremy Allaire, started a small company selling tools to perform data queries on-line. His company turned into Allaire and the product was ColdFusion (CF). ColdFusion has grown tremendously since those early days and we are avid CF programmers growing with the technology.

Today, Netmatrix offers a complete suite of services to support and build your on-line activities. Whether it's content management, LAN/WAN maintenance, custom web application development or web graphic design, Netmatrix has the proven experience and skills to create your Internet technological foot-print.