Using Windows Explorer as an FTP client program.

Follow these directions to use Windows Explorer as an FTP client.
Open Windows Explorer: {not IE - Internet Explorer)
{Start, All Programs, Accessories, Windows Explorer}

If the address bar and the standard buttons (Back, Up, Search, Folders) are not showing at the top.
Click View, Toolbars, check the Standard Buttons and Address Bar

In the address bar, type in ftp://www.YourDomain.com/
Hit the Enter key.
Click OK or Click the X, to close the Window that says FTP Folder Error.
Right click anywhere in the white space in the right window pane, click "Login as"
In the Log On As dialog window, if Log on annonymously is checked, uncheck it.
Type in your
UserName: YourFTPAccountName
Password: YourPassword

Note: You should NOT check the "Save password" check box.

Click the "Log On" button.

If your computer's folders don't show up on the left window pane, click the "Folders" button at the top.

You can now drap and drop or copy and paste files from your computer on the left pane, to the FTP site in the right hand pane window.