Content Management Systems (CMS) Explained

What is a CMS and how will it help my website?

A content management system is a tool loaded into your website which lets you and your collegues edit your site.

That's it in a nutshell.

A CMS (Content Management System) enables multiple people to work on your site at the same time. You can control who has access to which part of your site. You can also assign levels of access. For example, suppose you only want a group of people to edit parts of the web site but not publish material until Management has approved it.

A CMS system usually has some other features as well. Features like letting peers review your content/copy before you publish (put live) your content. You can insert images, PDF's, files and other material into your site as well.

Some CMS' also have blogs, forums, WIKI's, and response forms. These are all governed through your CMS.

Update my web site

Who can update my website?

You, as an administrator, can create new accounts and have those new authors update your site. You can also have a permissions system whereby only allowed authors can actually publish copy/content (those are used interchangeably) to your website.