Netmatrix is a leading provider of fast, secure and reliable e-mail services to indivduals and business organizations. Whether you need a simple email account or a sophisticated and busy mail list, Netmatrix provides it.

E-mail services we provide:

  • e-mail accounts
  • multiple email accounts for one person
  • redirecting mail
  • automatic responding email
  • mail lists
    • closed
    • open
    • free-for-all discussions
  • newsletters
  • spam blocking


When you outsource your e-mail to Netmatrix, you eliminate the following:

  • purchasing hardware
  • license fee costs
  • re-occuring upgrade fees
  • installation expenses
  • resource expenses
  • maintenance headaches
  • training issues


Netmatrix has hosted corporate and individual e-mail since 1991. Our e-mail services deliver the support and reliability your organization demands.

With free-mail comprimising your security and information, Netmatrix is a great alternative.

We are proud to boast our e-mail services are second to none. When you need a change, it's instant. There is no need to wait until some system recognizes the change tomorrow. Our changes are immediate.