Search engine optimize (SEO) your website


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has come a long way since the days of "work on your keywords and description".

SEO is a balance of science and art to get your site ranked as high as possible. Matrix Pro specializes in achieving high rankings.

screen shot of meta information of a web pageNetmatrix have worked tirelessly over the last 14 years to fine tune website submission and seating methodologies in the ever changing criteria of search engines. Matrix Pro has become a cornerstone tool for our clients to take over the reins of their site and manage search engine compliance.

Content is key for top SEO websites


We have often found small to medium sized businesses with limited budgets, time and knowledge need sound SEO tools and practices. Netmatrix will help train you and your staff on, at minimum, basic SEO compliance and then how to integrate those skills into your page construction.

Web Matrix Pro brings advanced URL aliasing to the table, so the search engines, as well as your readers, know exactly where they are and what they are looking at. The more descriptive, human readable addresses auto-generated translate into more returns for your site’s pages by search engines. Taking advantage of taxonomy, the new URL aliasing is able to auto-create site aliases that are not only human readable, but also have real relevance with names that are based off of the taxonomic structure (or folder structure).

Titles and descriptions can be edited on the fly, on a page by page basis, or a default title and description can be carried throughout as pages are created. With either option, you will know that your meta tags are in place and formatted properly.