Netmatrix Services

Web Design

Since 1996 Netmatrix has been designing websites. We design sites for small to mid-sized companies.

Server Colocation

There are two reasons to colocate your server with Netmatrix:

  • Reduce your bandwidth costs
  • Reduce your server maintenance costs

Reduce operation costs of your servers through colocating to Netmatrix will dramatically save you both time and resources.

DNS Hosting

Host your DNS with Netmatrix to both secure your domain and know your domain name is hosted correctly.

Ektron Hosting

When Ektron just had EWebEditPro, we were one of their first customers and to date we are their longest running user of their products. We develop and host Ektron CMS, our Ektron hosting rate is only $300/month.

Email Hosting

Host your email with Netmatrix to save on email maintenance. We have been hosting email for almost 2 decades now.

Web Hosting

Web hosting in Calgary: Netmatrix is Calgary's most reliable web hosting company. Our dedicated server technicians know what it takes to keep your web site up and running smoothly.

Customer focused business products.

Netmatrix Calgary has been building web-based CMS on-line products since 1996.

Our first on-line application was a Calgary, AB hotel booking system which one of the first ever on-line reservation systems.

NET website development in Content Management Systems (CMS for short) for brochure-style websites is now a must. Microsoft's continual advancements in Visual Basic and C-Sharp push .net development to the forefront of web application dev.

We began our website database development path with Jeremy Allaire's product Cold Fusion version 1.0. In those days Jeremy gave away Cold Fusion.

Cold Fusion was our primary development language for many years. In early 2003 we began our first development in ASP (Classic ASP). Cold Fusion and ASP performed roughly the same thing at that time.

With the release Microsoft's ASP.NET 2.0, most of our development has been .NET.

Your assigned team of developers are well versed in both C# and vb versions of .NET (the central languages for .NET development).