Web Content Management (WCM) / Content Management Systems (CMS)


Content Management Systems (CMS) editor is the web market's leading and easiest rich content system to completely manage your web site. It empowers website owners and managers to create and publish content to their site. The editor easily performs web content editing functions freeing you to get on with running your business.

CMS GUI Interface

The feature rich editor has all the functionality you expect and are used to: bold, underline, tables, align ... all of them. Netmatrix includes full staff training with your Netmatrix CMS web site.

The CMS can easily integrate into your existing site, too. If you do not need a complete overhaul of your site and you want to control your copy anytime, Netmatrix simply installs the CMS to your exisiting work.

Highlights of the CMS Web Matrix Pro Web Content Management Systems uses:

  • Create Content
  • Publish
  • No installation program on your computer
  • Blogging
  • Discussion Forums
  • Contact Management
  • Search Engine friendly pages
  • Leading browser-based WYSIWYG editor on the market
  • International language support
  • XHTML compliance
  • Firefox and Internet Explorer support
  • Offers 3 levels of control over processing of Microsoft Word content
  • Ability to perform editing functions directly within Microsoft Word 2000
  • Integrates easily into any Web page
  • Compatible with any dynamic server—no direct database connection
  • Developer API using JavaScript objects—properties, methods, and events—lets developers extend and add their own features
  • The best Microsoft Word content processing on the market! There are three levels: conserve as much formatting as possible, convert to make it more standard and easier to change, or conform to preferred styles.
  • Automatic Image Uploading! Images from content copied and pasted from applications like Microsoft Word into the WMMP editor can now be automatically uploaded. Included in the functionality are image upload time, ability to select multiple images within a document, and the selection of whether the image(s) should be uploaded now or later.
  • Web Edit Pro supports search and replace functionality in both WYSIWYG and HTML mode
  • Ability to open and save local files
  • Add forms to your content with WMMP's form building toolbar
  • Browser-based (Internet Explorer 4.x and higher, Netscape 4.7, 6.x, 7.x)
  • Word processor-like editor for authoring content
  • Ability to perform editing functions directly within Microsoft Word (requires Word 2000 or greater)
  • Copy and paste content from most Windows applications and retain formatting
  • Office 2000 filters strip extraneous characters from MS Word® and MS Excel® files
  • Spell check on demand or as you type
  • International language support
  • Content can be entered in any language supported by the browser
  • Translated dialog boxes and menus are available in Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, (simplified) Chinese, Chinese (traditional), Danish, and Swedish—others can be added
  • You can easily translate dialog boxes and menus to any language not listed above that is supported by Windows
  • Spell-check in any language
  • Extended and special characters can be represented as UTF-8, Binary, Character Reference, or Unicode
  • XHTML compliance: well-formed content, no overlapping tags
  • Style sheet and style class selectors: Styles drop-down list lets you format content according to corporate standards without knowing HTML Force stylistic control (e.g., remove fonts)
  • Flexible configuration, enable/disable features (e.g., automatic spell check), toolbar buttons, custom commands, tear off floating toolbars
  • Programmable toolbar, GUI, and features—create/use your own toolbar buttons
  • Very easy to integrate into dynamically created Web pages
  • Robust hyperlink and bookmark support
  • Full image support
  • Full table support